Belinda Gannaway

Strategy Director FathomXP

Belinda is a passionate and creative employee experience, engagement and communications specialist, supporting global brands, NGOs and growing businesses to innovate and grow with purpose and values at the core. She works with people, comms and L&D leaders, as well as with the c-suite to help them understand and meaningfully impact culture and employee experience. She is a team and systems coach, speaker and trainer.

With a background in journalism, marketing and PR, Belinda is now director of award-winning culture activation agency FathomXP and co-author of EX by Design – How to create an effective EX for competitive advantage. The book draws on positive psychology and design thinking to offer new tools to work on EX at a strategic and solution level.

In recent years Belinda and FathomXP have won industry awards for their ground-breaking work on purpose and culture. Belinda speaks widely at global events on employee experience and organisational culture. She was named one of HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinkers in 2022.

Hear Me Speak

Diskussion: Success factors for a better Digital Workplace Experience

  • Questions
  • Are the digital workplace offerings/environments already an exciting and engaging environment to work?
  • What are the key delighter for the Digital Workplace Experience? Tech versus Engagement versus Leadership?
  • How do we achieve a vivid and sustainable engagement that excites in the workplace?
  • Is the hybrid context changing anything in this regards?

Designing a great employee experience in the context of hybrid working

How hybrid impacts employee experience and what to do about it?

Belinda Gannaway will look at how and where hybrid working arrangements positively and negatively impact the employee experience. Drawing on the methodology shared in her co-authored book EX by Design – How to Create an Effective EX for Competitive Advantage, Belinda will share practical tools and techniques to ensure your hybrid working solutions deliver the most opportunities to your people and your organisation.