Livio Hughes

Co-Founder & Director Post*Shift

Livio co-founded Post*Shift to help the world’s best companies become more agile and prepare their leadership teams for the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. He previously co-founded social business consultancy Headshift (acquired by a US group in 2009) and online community agency TMG (sold to investors in the late 90s), following a short spell in academia. Livio has led projects in social business, digital leadership and organisational change in many sectors and he works with senior leaders and their teams to develop the new mindsets, competencies and skills they need to succeed in the digital age. Beyond client work, he tries to help startups who share his passion for digital ways of working and making companies more human.

Hear Me Speak

Diskussion: Success factors for a better Digital Workplace Experience

  • Questions
  • Are the digital workplace offerings/environments already an exciting and engaging environment to work?
  • What are the key delighter for the Digital Workplace Experience? Tech versus Engagement versus Leadership?
  • How do we achieve a vivid and sustainable engagement that excites in the workplace?
  • Is the hybrid context changing anything in this regards?

Beyond the one-pager: how leaders can embrace the new world of work

Why are so many leaders struggling to be effective in digital settings? How can they become more useful and relevant when leading remote or hybrid teams? Do digital transformation and constant change risk leaving them behind? This talk will explore some of the common challenges faced by leaders in this new world of work, and share some tips on how they can adapt.