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Digital Work Is Broken - How Do We Fix It?

Digital Work Is Broken - How Do We Fix It?
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    We all can agree on that work is broken, but digital work is also already broken? Has it yet become working? What is the matter with the "brokeness" of the digital work collaboration?
Christiaan's input on this from a discussion in May:
• No agreement on what hybrid work really is.
• Strict rules for all employees... or no rules at all.
• Communication and collaboration happens in meetings only.
• Always-on and instant-reply culture (i.e. using e-mail as chat).
• Going to the office to be in video calls with colleagues who aren't there.
• Technology makes 'old' ways of working and collaborating more difficult.
    In brief - the problem of digital work is the missing company-wide and corporate culture coherent agreement on what digital and hybrid work is and how we align our individual working with it?
    How can we change this? What are the recommendation to advance the change and adoption process?
    The next "grey elephant" has already entered the room - the AI (r)evolution of the workplace is just around the corner. Do we understand the urgency to change for the first step towards an effective digital working / collaboration model?